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Checkpoint Functionality - Fundamentals
Checkpoint Functionality: Beyond the Basics
Price: Free

Are you ready to expand your basic knowledge of Checkpoint? If so, this class is for you! You will learn how to use additional search features such as the Site Navigator and Find Sources to quickly find specific titles in your library. This class also takes a deeper dive into keyword searching, including Intuitive Search versus Terms & Connectors, and scheduling a search to run automatically so you are notified of updates to topics that are important to you. You will see how Table of Contents, Index, and advanced Citation search templates can benefit you. Also included is more in-depth coverage of highlighting and adding customized notes to documents, Document Display options, and exploring Folders and History in more detail.
Register today to learn how to start taking advantage of these valuable Checkpoint features.

Field of Study: Computer Software & Applications
CPE Credit:
1 hour

Available in: Live WebinarLive Webinar

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